Paddle for success, paddle to gain momentum, paddle for ecstasy, paddle to encompass the beauty- Paddling has a new definition in India when it comes to mountain biking. Cycling alias mountain biking tours has always been a favourite sport of many of us. It allows us to move free in the air, increases our concentration level and teaches us to take crucial steps especially in the case of crisis. It is a kind of adventure sport which takes a lot of sweat and effort to reach the desirable destination. This jaggy yet bumpy ride that is nothing less than a staple for the adventurers can be best experienced on India’s rough roads. Mountain biking is part of adventure tourism that has been running with full force in India.

It’s not simple to take your bike wherever you want. You just can’t ride it anywhere and everywhere. Mountain biking is a kind of adventure sport which can be enjoyed far off the roads, often of rugged hills and terrains. India caters to all the needs one is looking for to get out of the city life and indulge into nature’s beauty.

Mountain Biking Tour in India is yet another scenic expedition that will take riders to the unventured roads. Snow-capped mountains of Manali, rugged terrains of Leh, downhill of Spiti Valley, the bank of River Ganges in Garhwal and lush green hills of Himachal acts as a perfect base camp for a mountain biking expedition in India. These places weave such magic that the air act as a soothing balm for the aching muscles. There are no specific paths granted to bikers, go in whichever direction they want, choose journey as per their wish and set their base at whatever place they like.

It takes a lot of endurance, patience, stamina and courage to pass through the unique geography of India. With every paddle, you will get an opportunity to explore a different world. By mountain biking, you will get to know about such spots that remain hidden from the eyes of the tourists. All the mountain bikes are strong enough to carry you to the rough side of landscapes, but there are certain precautions that are essential for every biker to follow. It is advisable to practice cycling with zeal and vigour before leaving for a mountain cycling expedition in India. You should be smart enough to pass through the bumpy trails, at that time it is important cyclist should know the way of paddling as there will be no one to help in miles of distance. Carry sufficient water for hydration, essential multi-tool along with the spare tube, puncture kit and a mini pump.

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So, what are you waiting for -get on your bicycles and explore the fabulous trails for an experience of a lifetime.