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Not only this is the best high-altitude trek but also a prominent winter trek too. But why it called Chadar? Is it a place? The reason why it is called so is that during the winter season the river turns into a blanket (which in Hindi means Chadar), and you will have to trek on it. Adding to thrill is that the temperature here remains -20 degree Celsius or so. Sounding thrilling, isn’t it? The trekking expedition begins from the Chilling village, it further leads to Zaribago, Deepyokma, Nyarak Village, Nyarakpulu and then to a small village called Lingshed. From Lingshed, continue trekking to Tso Mopoaldar via Nyarakpulu and then to Chilling via Tilatdo.

  • Altitude: 3850 m (12631.2 ft)
  • Duration: 9-12 days
  • Route: Chilling-Zaribago-Deepyokma- Naerak Pullu -Lingshed-Nyarakpulu-Tso Mopoaldar-Tilatdo-Chilling
  • Best Time to Visit: Mid-January–February
  • Grade: Moderate: Challenging